About Therapist  

William Tang

Licensed Massage Therapist

               Dr. William Tang is a licensed massage therapist with about 28 years experiences on Tui Na (Manipulation therapy), acupressure therapy,  sports massage, trigger points therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, and reflexology.

               Dr. Tang graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He was a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in China for 11 years.  In Massachusetts, Dr. Tang works as licensed massage therapist in different Health Professional Facilities.  His unique skills in therapeutic massage set himself apart from the others and rewarded him high evaluations.

              Tui Na (Manipulation therapy) uses the traditional Chinese medical theory of channels and collaterals (meridians or pathways) and the flow of the Qi energy as its basic therapeutic orientation.  Dr. Tang usually exams the specific problems first and then applies a corresponding specific treatment protocol.  The major focuses of Tui Na is upon specific pain sites, acupressure points, energy meridians, muscles, and joints.