Customer Reviews


As a former professional soccer player (18 years/600 games) my body is pretty worn & tight. I’ve tried many specialists & therapists to help with my troublesome lower back. I had several injuries to it during my career and live in constant discomfort. I've finally realized relief and improvement after spending sessions with William. The mixture of massage & stretching over time has changed the way my back feels all the time. I’m so thankful I found him and continue to visit him for maintenance sessions. 

——Robbie M.   Lexington, MA 5/20/2018

I loved this place and the therapy was wonderful.  I am a sports person and I love all kinds of different exercises.  That is good for my health, but it also consumes my body and gives me pain, especially in my back and shoulders.  I had tried many different ways trying to cure it and none of them actually worked.  Finally, my friends suggested me to go to this Natural Healing place.  So, I went there, and when I first stepped into the room, I loved it. Its peaceful environment (especially the smell and the quietness) really calms my whole body down.  The whole therapy was AMAZING! It was really a pleasure to have that experience. I can really feel my muscle celebrating because they can finally get the chance to deeply rest and repair themselves in a natural way.  After the one-hour treatment, I can really see the differences and it really worked: it not only released my pain but improved my muscle condition by fixing the source of the pain.  I'm glad that I found the right place to go and I highly suggest you to try it if you get anybody muscle uncomfortable or pain.  More than worth it.

——Pam S.    Lexington, MA    6/26/2016

William Tang is a superb body worker, and much more than a massage therapist. On a friend's recommendation I went to him for a "trigger finger" that a surgeon wanted to operate on.  In one session William straightened me out -- no operation necessary three years later.  I've since seen him for back and shoulder issues.  He has a remarkable understanding of what's wrong and what can be right.  I also appreciate his exercise tips for me to follow on my own.  William is a remarkable healer.  I am so grateful to have found him.

——Peter H.    Boston, MA    5/1/2016

Effective Cases


M. C., Male, 32 years old, clerk. Rehabilitation after car accident. Neck and shoulder muscle injury caused by car accident, subluxation of cervical vertebra, limited neck Range Of Motion (ROM), accompanied by right arm pain, numbness of ring finger and little finger.
Treatment: Tuina, bone setting, educate rehabilitation exercise. Treatment once a week for 30 mins, after 5 treatments, fully recovered.


J. K., Male, 58 years old, postmen. Sciatica, chronic lower back pain. Lower back pain comes and goes for three years, one year ago the pain began to appear radiated to the right hip and the back of right leg, can not sit for long. CT Scan shows between L4~L5 lumbar disk herniation.
Treatment: Tuina, bone setting, passive stretching, educate patient rehabilitation exercise. Treatment once a week for 1 hour, after 4 treatments, patient feels much better. After 3 more treatments, patient is pain free.


J. L., Female, 51 years old, violinist. Right shoulder joint postoperative rehabilitation. Right shoulder arthritis for years, ROM was limited, one and half year ago, had operation on right shoulder. After surgery, shoulder still painful and the ROM only recovered 40%. After six months of physical therapy, still no improvement.
Treatment: Tuina, passive stretching, educate  rehabilitation exercise. Treatment once a week for 30 mins. After 5 treatments, shoulder pain reduced 80% and shoulder ROM increased to 70%. After 6 more treatments, the pain disappeared and shoulder ROM back to more than 95%. Patient dose self-exercises for final recover.


B. L., Male, 36 years old, IT programmer.  Neck, both shoulders and low back pain, also has headache and insomnia. He has chronic neck, shoulder and low back pain about two years. The pain comes and goes. Also feels muscle stiffness on neck, shoulder and back. Patient often appears headache on back of the head and insomnia.
Treatment: Tuina, bone setting, passive stretching, educate patient rehabilitation exercise. Treatment once a week for 1 hour. After 3 treatments, the tight muscle are obviously softer, headache disappeared, and no more insomnia. After 3 more treatments, full recovered. Currently, patient comes for relaxation massage to maintain the health of the body monthly.